I am a long time resident of Whittier and have lived in the area for over 30 years, I can attest to what a beautiful community it is. With all the great things this awesome city has to offer like great shopping, delicious food and plenty of outdoor activities. Residents feel a strong bond and appreciation for Whittier California. I know the community well, I have volunteered to keep it strong by coaching at La Serna High School, Pony Baseball, Ymca and other local organizations.  

In life we have a great opportunity to prove everyday that we are all human, it takes only but a second to show we care for each other.Whittier Ca, Realtor Nicholas A. Morlet Is a long time resident of Whittier   

  • Virtual Insanity3:45
  • Skinny Love3:58
  • Exodus4:38
  • Taking Chances2:24

Welcome Home


Whittier California Realtor Nicholas A. Morlet

Home ownership is

the cornerstone of a

strong community

 "Rick Renzi"